Warning: The Lord Alone is Worthy of Your Trust!

Wednesday, May 23, 2017

Daily reading assignment: Psalms 60-62

Our scripture reading today is three brief psalms by David, each one inspired by events in the life of the king and focused on the faithfulness and character of God.

The superscription of Psalm 60 indicates it was written at a time the Edomites invaded southern Israel.  David deployed a portion of his army under his trusted general Joab who thwarted the invasion and defeated Edom (1 Chronicles 18:1-13).  Although the king had not yet received word from the battlefront, David wrote Psalm 60 expressing confidence that the LORD would give His people the victory (60:11-12).

The setting for Psalm 61 is uncertain; however, the prayer of the king is indicative of a time he faced danger and called out to the LORD to come to his aid.  In the midst of his cry for help, David reflected on the goodness and faithfulness of the LORD in times past (61:3-4) as his assurance God hears and answers prayer (61:5-6).

The historical context of Psalm 62 is unknown; however, David’s focus upon the character of the LORD is certain.  Consider David’s numerous reflections on the LORD.

The first reflection, God is our Salvation, Strength (i.e. Rock) and Refuge (62:1-2, 6-7). The second reflection, our HOPE is in God, therefore we wait upon Him (62:5) and we shall not be moved or shaken (62:6b).

Notice in verse 9 how David’s view of men and circumstances changed after he meditated on the character of the LORD and reflected on His faithfulness.

Psalm 62:9 – Surely men of low degree are vanity [empty; i.e. are nothing more than hot air], and men of high degree are a lie [deceitful; deceptive]: to be laid in the balance [scales; i.e. to be weighed by God], they are altogether lighter than vanity [empty; i.e. are nothing more than hot air].

David reminds us “the best of men are men at the best” (Charles Spurgeon)!  Some men are born of privilege while others are men of humblest means; however, in God’s eternal scales they are nothing but men apart from Him (62:9).  Pity the fool whose confidence is in man!

Some men trust in riches; however, David warns God’s people to not be as the wicked who covet wealth and, putting their confidence in possessions, oppress the innocent and spoil the weak (62:10).

Psalm 62 closes with an exhortation for GOd’s people to place their trust and confidence in the LORD Who is just and “renderest [rewards; pays] to every man according to his work [deeds; labor; actions]” (Psalm 62:11-12).

Friend, I can attest from experience that few men are worthy of your confidence and trust!  Most men and women have their agendas and invariably seek their own advantage.  Few are those who seek the LORD!

Copyright 2017 – Travis D. Smith