Is it not amazing that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the pillar upon which the Christian faith rest, but the majority of pastors and churches rarely preach the doctrine of Christ’s resurrection apart from what is traditionally termed Easter?

After spending several weeks preaching on the various perspectives of the crucifixion of Christ, I will focus this Sunday morning on the single greatest event in human history…The resurrection of Jesus Christ!  

The resurrection of Christ is the capstone of God’s plan of redemption.  Jesus Christ crucified for our sins, buried and on the 3rd day raised from the dead is the Gospel of Salvation!  Without the resurrection there is no Christian faith, salvation or hope!  The apostle Paul, writing to the believers in Corinth wrote:

1 Corinthians 15:12-14 12  Now if Christ be preached that he rose from the dead, how say some among you that there is no resurrection of the dead?
13  But if there be no resurrection of the dead, then is Christ not risen:
14  And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain.

Join us for worship this Sunday as the focus of our 10:30 AM service will be on the events that followed Jesus dying on the cross and four points of greatness we find on Resurrection Sunday:  1) The Greatest Event;  2) The Greatest News;  3) The Greatest Commission; and  4) The Greatest Privilege. (Matthew 27:57-28:10).

Copyright 2017 – Travis D. Smith