Dear Faithful followers of “Heart of a Shepherd” and my Hillsdale family,

Knowing hundreds have faithfully followed my regular posts to this blog for several years, I feel it behooves me to give a word of explanation for my absence since January 1, 2018.

I purposed to have far less presence in the social media realm this year and must admit it has been refreshing to be free of “Facebook” except for my periodic posts on my “Spiritual Minutemen” Facebook page (my political media site).

However, my absence from Heart of a Shepherd has been far longer than I had planned.  The last two months have been full of physical trials like I have not had before. Surgery for kidney stones in early November; surgery to repair my right shoulder cuff in mid-November; and therapy through the end of December.

In the midst, I have been battling with severe hives due to an allergic reaction abated with a steroid; however, the cause has still not been isolated.  Add to that trial; a week ago I came down with the flu (one of the side effects of the steroid is it compromises my immune system).

I covet your prayers as I hope to, in the words of one of my staff, “return to the world of the living” soon.

With the heart of a shepherd,

Pastor Travis D. Smith