I realized that my earlier blogs, stating my observations and concerns regarding Bob Jones University, would not be received well by some.  While I expressed my thoughts in a spirit of love and sorrow, I was aware I might be greeted with a vitriol that might turn personal and caustic.

Like our culture, I have found many believers infected with a strident spirit that maligns and attacks. Indeed, that harsh, vindictive spirit chides many into silence.

I am not interested in debating my concerns ad nauseam, nor do I have time to address every critic. My concerns are my concerns. If you do not share them, that is fine; however, do not attack me for daring to express them.

My blogs were not written with a spirit of malice but as an expression of a shepherd who loves his sheep. After nearly 33 years of ministry at Hillsdale Baptist Church, I am content with being a pastor and have no interest in being a crusader for or against any institution.

With the heart of a shepherd,

Travis D. Smith

Copyright 2018 – Travis D. Smith