Work hard and trust God! (Exodus15-16)

Today’s Bible reading is Exodus 15-16, Psalm 25, and Matthew 25. Our devotional is from Exodus 15-16.

Pharaoh determined to pursue the children of Israel and enslave them again in spite of the ten plagues Egypt had suffered (14:1-9).  Encamped at the edge of the Red Sea, Pharaoh’s army became visible in the distance, and the people began to murmur against Moses (14:10-12).  Moses stilled the hearts of the people and the LORD parted the Red Sea allowing Israel to cross over on dry ground. When Pharaoh’s army pursued the people into the midst of the Sea, the LORD brought the waters upon them drowning the Egyptians (14:23-31).

Exodus 15 records Israel’s celebration for their salvation and deliverance from Pharaoh (15:1-21).  Incredibly, in spite of the LORD miraculously delivering Israel from Egypt, three days past and the people began to murmur and complain there was no water (15:22-24).  Moses cried out to the LORD (15:25) and the LORD made bitter waters pure to quench the thirst of the people (15:25-27).

Exodus 16 finds the people murmuring again, accusing Moses of leading them into the wilderness where they risked starvation (16:1-3).  In answer to Moses’ plea, the LORD assured him He would provide bread in the morning sufficient for the day, with the exception of the sixth day when they would be provided bread for two days so the people would not need to gather food on the Sabbath (16:4-5).  The LORD also promised to send the people meat to eat in the evening (16:8, 12).

What lessons did Israel learn from God providing for their needs? The first lesson, the LORD is faithful and His promises never fail (16:13-15).  A second, the LORD provided only what was sufficient for the day. When the people gathered more than their daily bread and meat, it spoiled in their tents (16:19-30).

Consider a brief lesson we can take from God’s dealings with Israel:  When we, like Israel, fall prey to being poor stewards of God’s provisions and hoard His blessings, we risk what we have spoiling and rotting as the breads and meats Israel hoarded in her tents.

Let us not become rich fools who hoard what we have in hope of eating, drinking and being merry (Luke 12:19-21)!  After all, we are commanded, “if any would not work, neither should he eat” (2 Thessalonians 3:10).

Work hard and trust God!

Copyright 2019 – Travis D. Smith