Moses Listened, and He Heard the Voice of the Lord (Numbers 7)

Daily reading assignment – Numbers 7

The dedication of the Tabernacle, instruments and vessels employed in offering sacrifices is recorded in the opening verse of Numbers 7.

We are reminded these implements were not to be treated as common; they were “anointed” and “sanctified” to the LORD (7:1)

Gifts were then brought by the leaders of the tribes (7:2) and dedicated to be used by the Levites in their ministries as it was deemed necessary (7:3-6).  The “sons of Gershon” were allotted “two wagons and four oxen” to transport the curtains and coverings of the tabernacle (4:24-28; 7:2).

The “sons of Merari,” whose ministry it was to transport the heavy timbers and boards of the Tabernacle (4:31-32), were assigned four wagons and eight oxen due to their responsibility to transport (4:31-32; 7:8).

The “sons of Kohath” were assigned the responsibility of transporting the furniture pieces of the Tabernacle by poles on their shoulders (4:4-6) and, therefore, had no need for wagons or oxen (7:9).

Twelve princes, each representing one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, were assigned a day to bring gifts to dedicate the altar (7:10-88). Although a long passage to consider, take heart in this:

The LORD not only took notice of the gifts, but also recorded the names of those who offered them. Be encouraged: Even the small gifts we bring are not overlooked by Him.

After twelve days passed, and the dedication of the tabernacle and altar were complete, Moses entered the tabernacle to speak to the LORD (7:89a).

Numbers 7:8989  And when Moses was gone [entered] into the tabernacle of the congregation to speak [commune] with him [the LORD], then he [Moses] heard the voice [i.e. sound; thunder; proclamation] of one speaking [talking; communing] unto him from off the mercy seat [the sacred cover of the ark] that was upon the ark of testimony, from between the two cherubims: and he [the LORD] spake [commune] unto him [Moses].

The LORD spoke to Moses, His voice emanating from the mercy seat between two cherubs, representing the heavenly throne of God.

The LORD would later say of His servant Moses, “With him will I speak mouth to mouth, even apparently [in vision or in sight], and not in dark speeches [riddles]; and the similitude [form; likeness] of the LORDshall he behold:” (Numbers 12:8). The LORD appeared to some prophets in dreams and in visions to others; however, to Moses He spoke directly.

Do you know the LORD?

Open your heart and hear Him speak through His Word.

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