You are invited to join Hillsdale Baptist Church for our Virtual Worship Services this Sunday morning at 9:45 AM and 10:30 AM.

I encourage you to have your Bibles ready and if possible, print out today’s sermon notes for your family. Trust No One; Question Everything – Psalm 10 – April 26, 2020 AM student blank 

Traditional Worship: While the majority of American churches have followed the contemporary trend of the world’s music, Hillsdale has remained a church dedicated to worshipping the God of the Scriptures who has revealed Himself as Holy and Almighty. Believing God would have us worship Him in a manner that reflects His majestic character, our music and worship is devoted to Him.

Our congregational hymns this morning are “Holy, Holy, Holy” and “Praise to the LORD, the Almighty.” You are encouraged to either print out today’s hymns or click on the attachment to follow with us as the pastoral staff leads in worship. song_sheets_for_4_26_2020

This morning the staff will be singing, “Everlasting God,” a beautiful arrangement by Mac Lynch, and Music Pastor Steve Armstrong will be singing a majestic song titled, “The LORD is My Light” before the message of the hour.

The message for this Sunday is taken from Psalm 10 and titled, “Trust No One; Question Everything; The LORD is KING Forever!”  We will consider two portraits from Psalm 10: The Portrait of the Wicked and The Appeal of the Righteous to the LORD. 

With the heart of a shepherd,

Pastor Travis D. Smith


Trust No One; Question Everything – Psalm 10 – April 26, 2020 AM student blank 

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