Dear Heart of a Shepherd Readers,

After avoiding YouTube for years, I have succumbed to the opportunities a dedicated video site will give Heart of a Shepherd daily video posts.

An Explanation: In March 2020 the Coronavirus crisis forced me to seek additional means to minister to my church family and others who follow our ministry at Hillsdale Baptist Church. Soon after I began posting video devotionals of my daily commentaries as an outreach.

Two factors guided me to begin a YouTube channel. The first, Facebook does not allow followers to track my daily video commentaries posts in a sequential order by date. In addition, my Word Press website does not allow enough space to accommodate video devotional commentaries.

I avoid being a self-promoter; however, without doing so you would not know my daily devotional commentaries are available with additional insights in a video format.

I invite you to subscribe to my Heart of a Shepherd YouTube Channel and begin following my daily posts by having the links emailed to you.

Please click on this link: to subscribe.

With the heart of a shepherd,

Pastor Travis D. Smith