Dear Heart of A Shepherd Followers,

You are invited to join Hillsdale’s live broadcast of our 10:30 AM worship service this Sunday as Pastor Smith continues his study in the Book of Isaiah.  We are continuing to look at the frightening parallels between the decline of the nation of Judah and our own United States.

The title of this Sunday’s message is “God’s Final Judgment Against the Nation that Forsakes His Law and Rejects His Pardon.”  I am attaching the student notes for you to use as we study God’s Word.

03 – A Prophetic Portrait of a Rebellious Nation – June 21, 2020 student blank 03 – A Prophetic Portrait of a Rebellious Nation – June 21, 2020 student blank

The following is my weekly bulletin letter to the church.

“To Mask or Not to Mask?”

Good morning! As you come to worship one question may be on your mind: “Do I wear or not wear a face covering?” I wish the answer was as simple as “Yes” or “No,” but it is not. Everyone has an opinion, but the psychological disposition of our society in this “Coronavirus” crisis is alarming.

Passions and sentiments are wide-ranging, and I believe are provoked in large part by an unceasing barrage of “bad news” media alarmists. Those who wear masks insist everyone else conform and are quick to judge those who do not as being unloving, selfish, and careless toward those who are weak, infirmed, and elderly. Those who reject wearing masks are convinced those who do are gullible, and too willing to give up individual liberties to government bureaucrats who know nothing of the real world.

Hillsdale’s Guidelines and A Request for Love and Tolerance

According to the State and County, Hillsdale is exempt from Face Covering Guidelines. Nevertheless, for an abundance of caution, we request that our Greeters and Ushers wear masks at the entrances and exits of our building. You are asked to continue to observe social distancing in the auditorium and classrooms. We also ask that you refrain from physical contact; however, we recognize this is a voluntary choice between individuals.

We understand there are some more vulnerable than others to COVID-19. I encourage you to be caring and respect their concerns. If you choose to not wear a mask, please choose to practice social distancing. If you choose to or need to wear a mask, please respect the liberty of others who choose to not wear a face covering. In other words, “Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another.” (Romans 12:10)

Tonight’s Special Evening Celebration (6:00 PM)

I look forward to our church family observing the LORD’s Supper in tonight’s 6:00 pm service (we have ordered individual communion services that will not require passing plates or cups). Tonight, is also a celebration of the Jarrett’s youth ministry years at Hillsdale. Pastor Jarrett will be preaching and reflecting on his years at Hillsdale as his family is moving to South Carolina in mid-July. You are invited to designate a special love offering to the Jarrett’s. A reception will follow in the Friendship Hall.

With love and the heart of a shepherd,

Pastor Travis D. Smith

Senior Pastor