You are invited to join Hillsdale Baptist Church for our worship service, this Sunday, 10:30 AM.

A Note of Praise and Thanksgiving

After a month in exile, it is my joy to be back in the pulpit this Sunday morning (10:30 AM)!

I had no way of knowing when I departed to visit loved ones after Christmas, that Sheilah and I were beginning a monthlong journey of trouble. COVID-19 laid us both aside in early January, and Sheilah’s bout turned into pneumonia and a 5-day hospital stay.

We are weary physically; however, we have learned much about our frailties, and the LORD these past weeks

If you have followed my daily devotionals, you are aware that the majority of the month of January was devoted to a study of the Book of Job. In fact, my devotional commentary on Job was written and posted while Sheilah and I were afflicted with the Coronavirus.

This Sunday morning, I am going to share some spiritual truths from my study in the Book of Job, and invite our church family to consider some inspiring spiritual truths taken from the life of a man of God who suffered the catastrophic loss of everything.01 – COVID, and My Life with Job – February 7, 2021 student lesson

The title of this morning’s sermon is: “COVID-19, and My Life with Job, the Patriarch”
Our passage will be Job, chapters 1-2.

With the heart of a shepherd,

Pastor Travis D. Smith

Copyright 2021 – Travis D. Smith