Good Morning, and Welcome to Hillsdale!

Whether a long-time member, a regular attender, or a first-time guest, we are privileged you have chosen to join our fellowship this Sunday morning. While COVID is a concern (and we make every effort to ensure the health of our membership), many have realized what God observed in the first man: “It is not good that the man should be alone”(Genesis 2:18). For Adam, the need for human fellowship was met when the LORD created “an help meet.”

We are beings that need, and seek fellowship. We were born with a longing for purpose, and a need for fellowship that only God could meet. We also have a need for human fellowship, and an urgency to “consider [be concerned about] one another to provoke [and promote] unto love and to good works” (Hebrews 10:24). Of course, a ministry of love, and good works can only be fulfilled if it is our practice to come, and “not [forsake] the assembling of ourselves together” (Hebrews 10:25).

“The Work, and Character of the Minister”

Our study of Paul’s Second Epistle to Timothy, continues as we turn our focus to 2 Timothy 2:14-26. Written during his second imprisonment, and knowing his martyrdom was imminent, Paul’s letter evidences the urgency of a man who longed to challenge, prepare and equip those ministers who would follow him. Having challenged Timothy to the disciplines of a teacher, soldier, athlete, and farmer (2:2-5), Paul then defined the work and character of a faithful pastor in three metaphors (2:14-26).03 – Three Metaphors for the Work of the Minister – 2 Timothy 2.7-21 – student blank

Mother’s Day and Memorial Day

Mother’s Day, May 9, is a special day for our church, and a Mother’s Day Breakfast has been a tradition for decades. Mrs. Jan Bailie is this year’s speaker, and all ladies, and daughters, are invited to breakfast for the Sunday School hour (9:00am-10:10am). A combined class for men and sons will meet in Cox Hall next Sunday.

Hillsdale’s annual Memorial Day Weekend Picnic, will follow the morning service, May 30. The picnic will be held on the grounds of our Bellamy Road parsonage, and you are invited to bring a change of clothes for outdoor activities, lawn chairs, and blankets. Hillsdale will furnish hot dogs, hamburgers, and other amenities for lunch.

With the heart of a shepherd,

Travis D. Smith
Senior Pastor