Hillsdale Baptist Church is devoted to the clear exposition of the Word of God, and its practical application to life.

In a day of turmoil, and cultural changes, we have remained steadfast in our desire to honor and glorify the LORD, and declare His Truth passionately, and unapologetically. It is my prayer you have come today, with a heart that reflects the spirit of Samuel when he answered the LORD’S call, saying…

Speak Lord, For Thy Servant Hears!

I have taken a month-long break from my 2 Timothy series, to focus on a recurring theme of dedication, and consecration. Last Sunday, we considered a time in Israel when there were no judges, kings, or rulers who taught and upheld the Laws and Commandments of the LORD (Judges 19:1).  This morning’s message will focus on the end of that era of lawlessness, and we will consider the failure of Eli the high priest, and the home from which the LORD called Samuel, His prophet, and judge (1 Samuel 1-3). 01 – Speak, for Thy Servant Heareth – 1 Samuel 1 student blank

Heart of A Shepherd – Daily Devotionals

I began this year encouraging you to take up the challenge of reading through the Bible, and following a chronological schedule that takes you from Genesis to Revelation in two-years. In turn, it was my commitment to write, and publish daily devotional commentaries that followed that schedule. I confess, my side of the commitment has been extremely challenging, but the reward has been well worth the effort. I hope you too are finding great reward in your reading and study of the Word. To subscribe, please go to www.HeartofAShepherd.com.

Uncommon, Common Sense: A Study in Proverbs

I invite you to join me this Wednesday evening as I continue my series in the book of Proverbs. Class begins at 6:15pm with prayer requests, and a time of prayer. The teaching session begins at 6:30 pm.

With the heart of a shepherd,

Travis D. Smith
Senior Pastor