Dear Heart of A Shepherd Followers,

I am writing to invite you to join me on a new social media platform named Daily Testify.” (Daily Testify has an App for both Apple and Android Phones.)

Most of you are aware Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are dominated by liberals who hold a worldview that is secular and atheistic. Those social platforms make no effort to disguise their anti-God, anti-Christ, and anti-Bible militancy.

I challenge you to STOP supporting the giant social media corporations. They are riddled with secularist’s who are the antithesis of what Bible believers value and embrace. Join “Daily Testify,” a social platform dedicated to the values of sincere, God-fearing, Bible believers.

On a personal note: My wife and I recently met with the owners and founders of “Daily Testify,” and found them to be sincere Bible believers who share the faith and philosophy of They had become burdened for the need of a Christian, conservative alternative to the liberal social platforms that have saturated and are destroying Christian homes and families.

Founded near the beginning of the COVID hysteria, “Daily Testify” is growing, and its founders have dedicated their personal resources to not only its development, but also to insuring it is a haven of safety for youth, and women.

I began posting to “Daily Testify” less than a month ago, and have established my personal wall, Heart of A Shepherd, Inc, and Hillsdale Baptist Ministries pages on that site (Hillsdale Baptist Church, Hillsdale Christian Academy, and Hillsdale Fine Arts Academy).

Look me up on “Daily Testify,” join and “Friend” me!

With the heart of a Shepherd,

Pastor Travis D. Smith