A Video of Today’s Devotional from Heart of a Shepherd

Dear Heart of A Shepherd followers,

We are approaching the close of 2021, and the conclusion of the first year of my two-year chronological study of the Scriptures. Some may not know I began producing videos of my daily devotionals last February 2021, and have posted them daily on several social network platforms.

In November 2021 I began to post  video devotionals to a new platform dedicated to believers. DailyTestify.com has been a refreshing site, and the majority of what you will find posted there is uplifting, spiritually-minded, and wholesome. Please investigate DailyTestify.com and you will find video posts of my daily devotionals at Heart of A Shepherd Inc. You will also find both of today’s devotionals posted there in a video format.

Please don’t forget to print out your copy of this next year’s Scripture reading schedule. Heart of A Shepherd 2-Year Scripture Reading Schedule


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With the heart of a shepherd,

Travis D. Smith
Senior Pastor

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