“Woe is me!” (Micah 6; Micah 7) – A bonus devotional.

Scripture reading – Micah 6; Micah 7

Micah 7 The Prophet’s Response to God’s Threats of Judgment (7:1-5)

Declaring, “Woe is me!” (7:1a), Micah found no delight in announcing God’s judgment on Israel. The prophet observed there were no good men left in Israel (7:2). The nation was plagued with lawlessness, and violence (7:2b). What a tragic portrait of a doomed nation! Every level of Jewish society was failing.

The Judicial System was Corrupt (7:3-4)

There was no justice, and judgments were perverted by bribes (7:3a). The leaders of the people plotted together to do evil, and pervert justice (7:3b). Even the “best of them” (the best of men), rather than protect the people, had become like briars and thorns and injured them (7:4).

Rejecting God’s Law, Society had Fallen into Anarchy (7:5-6)

Though there a few who loved the LORD (such as the prophets), the majority of the nation had rejected God’s Law, and pursued a path of moral depravity. No one could be trusted to give godly counsel (7:5a), and even one’s spouse was disloyal (7:5b). The family was destroyed, as sons dishonored their fathers, and daughters rose up against their mothers (7:6; Exodus 20:12).

All Was Not Hopeless (7:7-9)

Though his nation was morally decayed, Micah encouraged himself in the LORD and declared, “I will look unto the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation: My God will hear me” (7:7).

The prophet encouraged His people to not lose hope, and warned the enemies of Israel to “rejoice not against me” (7:8). Declaring His confidence that the LORD is merciful, and forgiving, Micah said, “When I fall, I shall arise; When I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me” (7:8).

With humility, Micah confessed his sins and the sins of the nation (7:9a). He acknowledged their sins deserved the LORD’s judgment. However, Micah believed God is merciful, loving, and righteous (7:9b), and he refused to lose hope!

A Prophecy of Israel’s Restoration (7:10-15)

Micah declared the enemies of the LORD would see Him deliver His people and restore them to their land. In that day (a day that was partially fulfilled when a remnant returned from Babylonian captivity), the enemies of Israel would be put to shame (7:10).

Still future, when the LORD gathers His believing people from the nations of the earth (fulfilled at Christ’s Second Coming), no river, sea, or mountain will prevent them from gathering in Israel (7:12). Though in the immediate, God’s promise of judgment would leave Israel and Judah desolate, and the people in captivity (7:13).

Though judgment was assured, Micah prayed the LORD would remember His people, provide and protect them with His “rod,” even as a shepherd his sheep (7:14; Psalm 23:4). The LORD answered His prophet’s prayer, declaring He would one day deliver Israel, even as He had brought the people out of Egypt (7:15).

Summary (7:16-19) – The nations of the world will one day see God’s deliverance of Israel, and the enemies of His people will be humiliated, and brought low (7:16-17). Micah’s prophecy closed with him praising the LORD, and declaring to Israel the LORD’s goodness and faithfulness (7:18), His compassion and willingness to forgive (10:19), and “cast all [our] sins into the depths of the sea” (7:19).

Closing thoughts – I identify in the sins and failings of Judah, the sins and chaos of our day. The nations that have had God’s Word, have rejected His Law and Commandments. Corrupt leaders plague society, and the common man is deprived of justice. Few have integrity, while marriages, families, and society divide and crumble.

What can we do? Turn our focus to the LORD, and pray knowing: “My God will hear me” (7:7), and when we confess our sins He cast them “into the depths of the sea” (7:19). We had better “do” more than turn our focus to the Lord and pray.  We had better repent, cry aloud for forgiveness, turn to the whole counsel of God and walk in His ways.

Be assured: What God has promised, He will perform! (7:20).

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