Heart of a Shepherd followers,

It is my joy to invite you to consider becoming a part of www.DailyTestify.com, “an up and coming” social network site owned by Bible believers, and whose membership is almost entirely conservative Bible believers.

While “Heart of a Shepherd” is dedicated to daily devotionals, I also have a presence on Daily Testify (as opposed to Facebook). Daily Testify has just opened the door for a “Closed Group” to be formed on their network that is dedicated to covering National and International News, and Current Events from a Biblical worldview.  

As a follower and reader of “Heart A Shepherd,” I invite you to join me for the Daily News, and set up an account with Daily Testify. Then request to join the  “Closed Group” that will look at daily news and world events.

On a personal note, I survey several news outlets everyday, and never watch network news. I refuse to be brainwashed by “talking heads” who are opposed to everything I stand for as a believer. Yet, I enjoy imparting a Biblical perspective on news and world events without the political drama (which got me band from Facebook).

I plan to post daily news articles, and you are invited to join me and do the same. You will find my posts will typically have a brief comment, and in the words of the 1960’s Sgt. Friday, present you with “the news, and just the news.” 

Check it out at https://dailytestify.com/index.php/currentevents-news/

With the heart of a shepherd,

Travis D. Smith, Author of “Heart of A Shepherd.”

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