Scripture reading – Ezekiel 45

Continuing our focus on the Millennial Kingdom, when Christ will reign from His throne in the new Temple, and new Jerusalem, today’s devotional brings us to the division of the land in the Millennial Kingdom.

Ezekiel 45

Remembering His covenant with the children of Israel, the LORD directed Ezekiel to record the dimensions of the land as it will be divided among the Twelve Tribes in the Millennial Kingdom (Ezekiel 45-48).

The Division and Consecration of the Sacred District (45:1-8)

An offering of thanksgiving would begin the division of the land to be dedicated to the LORD. Here will be located the Temple, and the lands for the priests and Levites. Assuming the measurement of a rod (reeds) is 10.5 feet, the sacred district will be 49.7 miles long and 39.8 miles wide (45:1). Located within the district will be the Temple grounds which will be 5,250 feet square (45:2).

The “holy portion of the land” for those priests who minister in the Temple (the sons of Zadok), will measure 49.7 miles long and 19.9 miles wide (Ezekiel 48:8-12). The portion assigned to the Levites will be 49.7 miles in length, and 19.9 miles wide (45:5; Ezekiel 48:13-14). Measurements for the city of Jerusalem, in which the Temple will be located, were 49.7 miles long and 9.9 miles wide (45:6).

Who is the Prince? (45:7-8)

Ezekiel 45:7 chronicles two portions of land over which the “prince” will preside.  Consider with me, Who is the prince? He was first mentioned in Ezekiel 44:1-3, and will be mentioned several times in today’s study.

Some have asserted the prince is the LORD Jesus Christ. Yet, there are several considerations that make that impossible. For instance, the prince offers “a bullock for a sin offering” (45:22). In Ezekiel 46, the prince will worship and offer sacrifices at the Temple (46:2). He is also described as having sons, and giving his sons an inheritance (46:16-18). Therefore, I believe the prince, though a great man, will be an official serving the LORD, and overseeing the governing of Jerusalem and Israel (45:8).

The Establishment of a Just Society (45:9-11)

The world of Ezekiel’s day, and the captivity of God’s people in Babylon was in many ways like our own. Sin, ungodliness, violence, and depravity have defined man’s existence since the fall (Genesis 4), and so it was and continues to our day. Reminiscent of Romans 1, we live in a world that has rejected the LORD, His Law, and Commandments (Romans 1:20). Words like, vain, foolish, immoral, unrighteous, and unmerciful only begin to paint the picture of mankind’s depravity (Romans 1:21-31). Yet, Christ’s Millennial Kingdom will be one of perfect justice (45:9-11). Government will not oppress the people (45:9), and the weight and measurements of commodities will be fair and right (45:10-12), because God’s righteous Law will prevail.

Stewardship and Offerings of the Millennial Kingdom (45:13-17)

The people of the Millennial will bring to the prince the offerings and dues required (45:13-16). He will allot the necessary portion and sacrifices on the Feast Days, New Moon (monthly service), and for Sabbath worship (45:17). Three annual feasts (festivals) will be observed in the Messiah’s kingdom. The New Year (45:18-20) will require the sacrifice of “a young bullock without blemish” for the purpose of cleansing the Temple (no doubt reminding the priests of their own sins, 45:18).

The sacrifice and offerings of the Passover Feast (45:21-24) will remind God’s people they were delivered from slavery to sin (Exodus 12:1-3, 14-20; Leviticus 23:48; Numbers 28:16-25).  Here also, the prince prepares himself to offer “a bullock for a sin offering” (45:22).

The Feast of the Tabernacles will be the third annual festival observed in the Millennial Kingdom. As it was for Israel in the wilderness, it will be a testimony of the LORD’s promise and power to bring His people home (45:25;Leviticus 23:33-44; Numbers 29:12-38). The sacrifice and offerings will be the same as for the Passover Feast.

Closing thoughts – Why will the people bring sacrifices and offerings in the Millennial Kingdom? Like the sacrifices of the Old Testament, they will serve as a testimony of one’s faith in God’s grace and mercy, and His willingness to forgive sin. Like our observance of the Lord’s Supper, the sacrifices of the Millennial will serve as a picture of Christ’s sacrifice for sin (Hebrews 10:1-18; Psalm 51:16-17).

Is Jesus Christ your Savior?

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