Our chronological Scripture reading schedule has taken us from the story of Creation in the Book of Genesis, and through the Old Testament. Today’s Scripture reading is an introduction to the Gospels of the New Testament, beginning with the Gospel of Luke, chapter 1.

The reading schedule of the Old Testament followed a nearly consistent pattern where we would begin and finish one book of the Old Testament before moving to the next book of the Scriptures. That pattern will not be true in our study of the Gospels. The individual Gospels are occasionally not chronological in their record of events in the life and ministry of Christ. That fact does not imply that there is a contradiction, but rather a reflection of different human authors (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).

Though it might present a challenge to some, I trust our transitions back and forth between the Gospels will not be a frustration. I assure you it is a task we will face together, and I pray my labor in the Word will both enlighten and encourage your Bible study.

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I close encouraging you to print out and follow the chronological Scripture reading plan that I use for my daily devotional commentaries. As a reminder, we are in the second year of our two-year chronological study of the Scriptures.

With the heart of a shepherd,

Pastor Travis D. Smith




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