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It is my joy to announce future Daily Devotionals from will be published and available to the world in several languages.

Missionary Matt Barfield, founder and a developer of Konvert, a language translation software, has partnered with me to open the door to people all over the world. On average, 35-40 nations are represented in the daily readership. In fact, this year alone, 199 nations and territories of the world have accessed daily devotionals from my website.

My heart is rejoicing in this new window of opportunity to share the Gospel and Scriptures with the world. I am especially grateful to Matt Barfield and his partners for having the vision to make my daily devotionals available to the languages of the world. I have chosen several dominant languages of nations that have been regular followers of If you have suggestions, please email me at

Finally, pray for me as I learn to use the Konvert language translation software. Also, pray for the growing outreach of

With the heart of a shepherd,

Travis D. Smith
Senior Pastor

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