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You are invited to join me for a “politically incorrect,” but Biblically sound message I preached Veteran’s Day Sunday, November 13, 2022, titled, “An America Worth Fighting For.” My Scripture was Romans 13, 1 Timothy 2:1-4, and Genesis 47:13-26.

Democracy or Republic: Is there a difference? 

The word “Democracy” does not occur in our Declaration of Independence, or in the Constitution of the United States. The United States is a Republic, not a Democracy.

In a Republic, individuals have a voice, and their rights and liberties are protected. In a Democracy, the majority rules, and dissenting voices are suppressed.

Warning – When the virtuous character of a nation declines, so does its tolerance for individual rights and freedoms.

This message will draw a parallel with ancient Egypt (Genesis 47:13-26), and how current USA policy is taking us down the road to being a socialist nation.

Warning – Government dependence invariably leads to government bondage.

ConclusionOnly men of great moral character are able to govern a great nation.

With the heart of a shepherd,

Travis D. Smith
Senior Pastor

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