Scripture reading – Psalm 100

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Of all the Psalms, Psalm 100 is one of the most beloved. It has inspired many great anthems, hymns, and choruses of praise.  Once again, I will use a bold font for the Scripture text and add my amplification of word meanings in italics within brackets.

Psalm 100 – An Invitation to Worship the LORD

Had you entered the Tabernacle’s outer court or approached Solomon’s Temple on the Sabbath or a Feast Day, you would have found yourself amid a great crowd of worshippers. Worshippers joyfully sang various “psalms of degrees” as they ascended the Temple Mount. Nearing the top of the Mount, you would have heard the sound of instruments and the voices of singers calling on the congregation to worship the LORD.

I invite you to consider four thoughts in today’s study: The Call and Cause for Thanksgiving, a Command concerning the mode of Thanksgiving, and a Consideration of the LORD’s moral character.

A Call for Thanksgiving (100:1-2)

Psalm 100:1-2 – 1Make a joyful noise [shout] unto the LORD [Jehovah; Yahweh; Eternal God], all ye lands [earth; country; world]. 2 Serve the LORD with gladness [joy; rejoicing]: come [enter] before his presence [face] with singing [joyful voice; shouts of joy].

Not only Israel but all nations were summoned to offer thanksgiving to the LORD. As they gathered at the Tabernacle or Temple, worshippers were encouraged to thank the LORD in three ways: Shout for joy (100:1a), Serve the LORD with rejoicing, and Sing before Him in His presence (100:2).


A Cause for Thanksgiving (100:3)


Psalm 100:3 – 3 Know [perceive; understand] ye that the LORD he is God [Elohim; mighty God]: it is he thathath made us [wrought; molded], and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.

Why should we, the people of the earth, worship and praise the LORD? We are to praise the LORD for His Person: He is Jehovah, Elohim, Almighty God. Some men boast they are “self-made men,” however, the psalmist reminds us that God is our Creator, and “it is He that hath made us” (100:3b).

Your skills, talents, gifts, intellect, and opportunities are all tokens of God’s grace. All believers should give thanks and find comfort in knowing that the LORD is our Shepherd, and we are “the sheep of His pasture” (100:3; Psalm 23).

A Command in the Mode of Thanksgiving (100:4)

Psalm 100:4 – 4 Enter into his gates with thanksgiving [praise; offerings; i.e., hymns of thanksgiving], and into his courts with praise: be thankful [give thanks] unto him, and bless [praise] his name [i.e., His person, character, and attributes].

We find several aspects of sincere worship in Psalm 100:4. When we enter the LORD’s sanctuary (presence), we worship the LORD in substantive acts of “thanksgiving” and with our offerings (100:4a). We worship Him with songs of thanksgiving and sing praises to Him (100:4b). With thankful hearts we honor Him in our prayers and testimonies (100:4c). Lastly, we rehearse in our hearts His divine attributes, and praise His name (100:4d). Imagine the zeal of a congregation that will unashamedly praise the LORD in offerings, spirit, songs, and praise!

A Consideration of the LORD’s Moral Character (100:5)

Psalm 100:5 – 5 For the LORD is good [better; best; pleasing]; his mercy [lovingkindness; favor; grace] iseverlasting [perpetual; eternal]; and his truth [faithfulness] endureth to all generations [age].

This brief psalm of praise and thanksgiving concluded by reminding worshippers that the LORD has given us cause for thanksgiving (100:5). He is “good,” benevolent, and pleasing. He is just and “merciful” (if He were only just, we would have cause to fear His judgment; however, He is merciful and forgiving). The LORD is the very essence of “truth,” for He is honest, faithful, and sincere “to all generations” (100:5).

Closing thoughts:

Take a few minutes and ponder all the things you should be thankful for as an individual or family. Is it not humbling and comforting to know that the God of heaven is your Creator and loves and cares for you like a shepherd tends his sheep? (John 10)

The next time you worship the LORD in the congregation of His people, remember Psalm 100 and sing. Sing unto the LORD, serve Him with gladness, and praise His name!

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