Scripture reading – Psalm 65; Psalm 66

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Today’s Scripture reading consists of Psalm 65 and Psalm 66. This devotional is focused on Psalm 65.

Psalm 65 – A Psalm of Thanksgiving

Psalm 65 is a beautiful psalm of praise and thanksgiving to the LORD and is titled “A Psalm and Song of David.” The king of Israel is attributed as the author, and it was dispatched to “the chief musician” of the Tabernacle (for the Temple would not be built until the time of Solomon). I suggest you consider Psalm 65 in three applications.

Praise is Due to the LORD (Psalm 65:1-4)

David’s introduction to the psalm acknowledged the LORD is worthy of praise. The vow referred to the covenant God established with Israel. The people were to remember the stipulations of the covenant and perform all that they had promised (Psalm 65:1). Confessing the LORD hears and answers prayer (Psalm 65:2), David acknowledged the weight of sin borne by men. He rejoiced in the assurance of the LORD’s forgiveness and deliverance (Psalm 65:3).

Such a man is blessed, for he can approach the presence of the LORD, dwell in the courts of His sanctuary, and experience His goodness and blessings (Psalm 65:3b-4). Those who worship the LORD should remember and fulfill the vows they have made to Him.  The LORD not only hears our prayers, but He answers them (Psalm 65:2)!

Praise the LORD for His Power (Psalm 65:5-8)

Reflecting on God’s sovereignty, David praised Him for His salvation (Psalm 65:5). The king observed that the presence of the LORD reaches “all the ends of the earth,” even to those who are “afar off upon the sea” (Psalm 65:5).

Psalm 65:6-8 reminds us of God’s power and sovereignty, for He is the Almighty One, the Sovereign of creation. He is the Creator and fixed the mountains in their places (Psalm 65:6), quiets the raging storms of the seas (Psalm 65:7), and can silence the fury of the sea of humanity (Psalm 65:7b).

David wrote of humanity, “They also that dwell in the uttermost parts are afraid at thy tokens” (Psalm 65:8a). What are the LORD’s tokens that cause the bravest of men to tremble? I suggest the natural “tokens” of the LORD’s power are the thunderstorm and its blinding flashes of light. His tokens also include the roar and tempest of a hurricane or tornado and the rumbling upheaval of an earthquake. All are tokens of the Creator.

Praise God for His Blessings (Psalm 65:9-13).

Perhaps recalling his years as a shepherd, David remembered with the relief of rains that produced much-needed streams in that dry land.  As a shepherd, he understood how vital water is to the earth. He acknowledged the LORD, writing, “9Thou visitest the earth, and waterest it: Thou greatly enrichest it with the river of God, which is full of water: Thou preparest them corn, when thou hast so provided for it. 10Thou waterest the ridges thereof abundantly: thou settlest the furrows thereof: Thou makest it soft with showers: thou blessest the springing thereof” (Psalm 65:9-10).

Closing thoughts“Who would like to say grace?”


We should be thankful for the rains, for without them, man would face famine.  God sends the streams of water that quench nature’s thirst and provide green pastures and grains so that all creation rejoices (Psalm 65:9-13). In centuries past, when family farms were indispensable for the farmer and his neighbors, rain was essential and celebrated. I fear we fail to thank the LORD for replenishing the earth so that we might enjoy His bounty.

As a youth, I remember hearing the “old folks” asking, “Who would like to say the blessing?”  To “Say Grace” or offer a “blessing” was a prayer of thanksgiving that acknowledged God’s provision and blessings, particularly the meal we were about to consume.

If “saying grace” or “offering the blessing” is not a practice in your home, it should be. Every meal should begin with bowing your head and thanking God for His “GRACE.” We acknowledge the LORD as the provider and source of all blessings when we pray before mealtimes.

Remember, the sun, wind, and rain all come from the LORD!

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