Join Pastor Smith for this Wednesday night’s Bible study (6:30 pm) as he continues his chronological series, “Logos: A Study of Faith, Hope, and Love.” The class begins with a time of Prayer and Praise at 6:00 pm, and the live broadcast begins at 6:30 pm at

Tonight’s study will take from 1 Kings 2 some historical lessons that afford us insight into today’s cultural and societal problems.  As Solomon assumed the throne of Israel, his first challenge was to shore up the weaknesses that plagued his father, David, in the last months of his life. The young king knew and confronted his enemies. He blessed his friends. 

King Solomon also denied his mother Bathsheba’s request. Though her feminine nature, love, and compassion were virtues, her attempt to sway Solomon’s decisions would have sacrificed his strength and fortitude as a man and the king. King David had commanded his son, “Shew thyself a man” (1 Kings 2:2), and Solomon proved he was up to the task.

Tonight’s lesson will be politically counter-culture, but I promise it will be a faithful exposition of God’s Word.

With the heart of a shepherd,


Travis D. Smith

Senior Pastor

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