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A Study Through James


The Key to Overcoming Trials and Troubles (James 4; James 5)

Scripture reading – James 4; James 5 Continuing our study of trials, troubles, and temptations, we consider today’s Scripture reading, James 4 and 5. This devotional is taken from James 4. James 4 opens with a provoking question: “From whence [where] come wars...

The Tongue and Its Nature (James 3)

Scripture reading – James 3 Our study of the Epistle of James continues with chapter 3, and the focus is three major themes of the book: Trials, Temptations, and the Tongue. Wonderfully practical and convicting, the overriding subject is the tongue and the trouble it...

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By the Rivers of Babylon: Count Your Blessings! (Psalm 137)

By the Rivers of Babylon: Count Your Blessings! (Psalm 137)

Scripture reading - Psalm 137   Click this link to translate this Bible study into Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish, French, or Portuguese. I cannot say with certainty when Psalm 137 was composed; however, it was before the Jews’ years in captivity...